Waffles with Strawberry Compote & Crème Fraiche

Have you been thinking of the perfect way of making someone feel special?

There is a reason behind sayings like ''The Way to Your Heart Really Is Through Your Stomach''. 

I love making waffles and experiment with different selection of ingredients (sweet or savoury) and one of my favourites is the strawberry compote and crème fraiche.



300 g of self raising flour

2 tsp of baking powder

480 ml of milk

2 tsp of sugar

3 medium eggs 


1. Heat up your waffle iron.

2. Mix all the ingredients together and leave on the side for 10 minutes, to allow the baking powder to start working. 

3. Pour onto your waffle pan.

4. When ready pour compote strawberries onto your waffles, add dollop of crème fraiche, honey, sprinkle goji berries and air dried strawberries.





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