Chocolate Tasting Box

We are very passionate about chocolate that we are using, strongly dedicated to use only best quality products coming from single origin.


Chocolate tasting is a great way of familiarising yourself with the variety and different types of this popular confectionary. The Cacao tree is native to Mesoamerica, however many countries from the Equatorial area are now main world suppliers incl. Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Brazil. Cacao Beans are very fascinating, in the way of absorbing, flavours, scents and aromas from the surrounding environment. The landscape in which these are grown makes each bean supply truly unique. This can be seen when a cacao bean plantation neighbours a tobacco plantation (found in Cuba), the final chocolate product here has developed unique smoky notes. Very common practice nowadays is called co-plantation, where farmers are encouraged to plant additional growth making cacao growing worth while, this is down to the cacao bean tree reaching maturity at three years of age, its common to see vanilla species, flowers and banana trees surround cacao plantations. Conservation remains an essential part of cacao bean production, with methods (on the whole) staying eco friendly owing to the worlds current levels of consumption.