The Dark Collection

Cacao beans that were selected to craft chocolate that I have used to produce your dark chocolate single origin bars, were sourced from a single country (or a plantation) to bring a diversity of flavour that come from each specific origin and bean genetics. Therefore for dark chocolate lovers who appreciate bold, bespoke notes I have created hand painted bars featuring fruity, spicy, smoky or even woody notes:

Mexique 66.1% - Aromas revealing warm, woody, spicy and tobacco flavours with liquorice notes. Its profile matches wonderfully with fortified and sweet white wines, raspberry vinegar and liquorice, caramel and hazelnuts.

Madagascar with Strawberries 67.4% The cocoa grown here reveals a very intense round and sweet taste with a tempered bitterness. It is topped with refreshing, moderately acid flavours and fruity notes that remind of raspberries, juniper berries, citric fruits and ripe yellow fruits such as apricot and pineapple. 

Venezuelan 72.2%An exceptional hint of bitterness balanced perfectly with fruity and tangy notes. Pairs beautifully with caramel, pink grapefruit, bergamot, and Lapsang Souchong tea. (Criollo and Trinitario beans.)

Peruvian 65% - full of fruity and acidic notes followed by a slightly bitter finish. It combines beautifully with the tartness of kaffir lime, sherry vinegar, pink grapefruit, liquorice, orange and caramel.