About Me



I’m Maya and I wanted to let you know a little bit about me (the chef behind the chocolates!). Originally from Klucze, Poland, now living in beautiful Hampshire with my Husband and two wonderful children, who are my lifeblood and support.

Becoming a chef wasn’t my first career path, with achieving MA in Archaeology and training in Accountancy my family encouraging me to become an Accountant, which really wasn’t for me. I felt at time, that this choice has stifled my creative and practical mind. I needed an outlet to allow me to be creative, to be myself. After a change in career and working my way up through a variety of award wining kitchens, my passion and creativity lead me to the world of becoming a pastry chef... its precise and detailed like the original Accountant in me, but allows me to be creative; cookery is a science after all!

The New Forest Chocolate company was founded in January 2021 after realising that the chocolates I made both at work and for close friends and family were popular and always well received. Now that you are here, this website and shop is here to keep you up-to-date with my mindful musings, recipes, development and of course the opportunity to buy some of my hand crafted chocolates. Many of my chocolate creations are limited edition, all are hand made by me, from temper to colour to boxing and posting.

Can’t see something you’d like, drop me a line, lets chat.


Owner Chocolatier